I work instinctively, letting my intuition guide me without being overly influenced by technique.

With screen printing I have a painterly approach.

In fact, I use brush and acrylic to make graphics directly on acetate but also collage and other experimental techniques quickly and instinctively. I love to get my hands dirty and find in mistakes, new solutions that open up unexpected paths for me.
Each acetate corresponds to a color that remains alone or, which superimposed on others, creates an off-register, an authentic sign of the manuality of the process.
When the work is finished, it is impressed with light on a photosensitized frame. The latter becomes a matrix and one at a time is printed on paper or fabric.
I like “dirty” and imperfect graphics that make one feel that color is matter.

This wonderful technique has ancient origins and it’s the one I prefer, because it leaves a lot of room for experimentation, and only at the end of the process the result is revealed.
I work instinctively, letting my intuition guide me without being too conditioned by technique.
The feeling you get from looking at the work is what counts.
I etch zinc using different processes, many of them experimental and using low-impact methodologies.
Starting with an idea, I begin working the metal and when the process is finished, I ink the matrix and print it on cotton paper, using the intaglio press.
In some cases I make small art runs, but in others, I try to personalize each copy, making it unique and unrepeatable.
A harmonious relationship between the material, the carving and the tools of the trade.

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