Vanessa Milan is an Italian artist living and working in Venice. 

She is specialised in illustration, graphic art and printmaking: screenprints and etching.

She collaborated with the Italian Movie Festivals “Esterno Notte” and “Estate al Cinema”; she participated in the collective artistic project “Aqua Granda” in Venice.

She is the co-founder of Doppiofondo, a printmaking studio located in Venice and editor-in-chief of Edizioni DoppioFondo, her independent publishing house founded in 2014. She is the curator of exhibitions as “Project Room” for CAMeC (Museum of Contemporary Art in La Spezia). She organizes workshops in cooperation with several associations, with the Mental Health Department and within the rehabilitation programme in jails.

She is the co-founder of the Viral Magazine “Alcolid/:19”, created during the first pandemic lockdown in Venice.

In 2022 she opened an Atelier in the heart of Venice where she is still engaged in her artistic research.



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